Anjeer- a highly beneficial dry fruit

Anjeer or popularly known as a fig, is one of the most ancient dry fruits which is ever cultivated by humans. It has amazingly juicy and soft out covering with a crunchy seed inside. It is immensely known for its healing and culinary qualities. Some pieces of evidence suggest that humans have been cultivating fig fruit from the Neolithic era. The anjeer name came adapted from the Anjeera from the Sanskrit language.



History says that the fig tree's cultivation started from some parts of Western Asia and Middle Eastern countries. The tropical and subtropical regions like India, Africa, and China were the fig tree's main centers. Today, Turkey is the biggest producer of Anjeer in the world. 



The anjeer dry fruit is one of the members of the mulberry family.  


Nutritional benefits

Anjeer is genuinely known for its great health benefits. It contains essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. And one of the astonishing facts is that a dried anjeer consists of more nutrients than a fresh one. That is why people purchase dry anjeer for consumption. It tastes more delicious and crunchier when it gets dry.    


Benefits for health

In all over the world, Anjeer is consumed or cultivated due to its health efficiency quality. It has various vitamins and minerals that can boost your health. So, let's check out some of its health benefits- 


Anjeer for pregnancy

During the time of pregnancy, doctors suggest the consumption of anjeer as your home remedy for many illnesses. Anjeer is highly prominent for pregnant women due to its calcium and vitamin B quality. Calcium makes the bones healthy and is the most required mineral for the development of the fetus. On the other hand, vitamin B can prevent you from morning sickness.


Anjeer for weight loss

Anjeer is very beneficial in weight loss as well as weight gain. They have fewer calories and can make your intestine bulk, so your body feels full for a more extended period without eating much. On the other hand, it would be very beneficial for you if you consume anjeer with milk.  


Anjeer benefits for eyes

Vitamin A is considered the most vital thing to enhance and maintain a healthy vision. Anjeer contains a healthy amount of vitamin A that helps your body have a great view of the eyes. Regular consumption of anjeer can make your eyes healthy and delays problems like macular degeneration that mitigates the vision by killing retina cells. 


Anjeer benefits for skin

Anjeer is one of the ancient remedies that help the body in healing or curing many diseases. Anjeer has an antioxidant and nourishing effect on the body when it is applied topically. It is highly recommended in treating skin problems like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 


Anjeer for hair loss

Hair loss and unnourished scalp are the most frustrating problems of the current time. The Anjeer has a healthy amount of vitamin A and K, making your hair shine and stop hair loss. 


How to eat Anjeer?

The preserved and dry anjeer is preferable among the people. The dry anjeer is more delicious and crunchier, while the fresh ones are juicier.



In a healthy routine, the intake of 4-5 anjeer or 40 gm. is considered as an ideal amount for the people.


Where to purchase? 

The love for dry fruits is un-definable in the Indian sub-continental. Indians love to add dry fruits in their recipes, especially in the winters. So, during the purchase, you also need to be quite cautious about the quality and prices.

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